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CArpet Cleaning

Using a truck mount unit, and the extraction method, can kill bed bugs, dust mites, bacteria. it also improves indoor air quality, prevents buildup of allergens and bacteria, removes spots and stains, extends the lifetime of the carpeting, and makes the carpet look and feel fresh.

  • Steam Cleaning Extraction helps remove spots and stains
  • Agitation with special equipment removes the soil from the bottom to the top of the carpeting
  • Extends the life of the carpeting
  • Enhances the appearance of any room
  • Blocks spots and stains with scotchgard

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Tile & Grout

Cleaning your floor with traditional cleaning products spreads soil around your tile, removing only what sticks to your mop or cleaning device. Over time, the soil that is left builds up and gets your tile and grout dirty. Our cleaning system uses high temperature and pressure to remove soil and restore the color of your tile and grout.

  • Restore the appearance of your floor
  • Remove soil
  • Blocks stains with a sealer
  • Easy to clean

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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery is a spot that harmful microbes and bacteria like to be, which can cause allergies, sickness, and bad odors.

  • Get rid of bad smells
  • Restore color of furniture
  • Fibers come back alive
  • Blocks stains with a sealer (Scotchgard)

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Pet Treatment

Pet accidents happen even with trained animals. Pet urnine can be difficult and we understad how to remove stains and other odor causing stains from your carpet and upholstery. We can remove stains from anything; pet stained carpets, rugs, and furniture to ensure your house will be as fresh as possible.

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Commercial Cleaning

Using a truck mount unit, and our professional cleaning supplies combined with high pressure, and high temperature. Our cleaning process restores your hard surfaces into their original color.  We also can clean your tile and carpeted areas.

  • Clean Carpets, Tile, and Concrete Surfaces
  • Restores original color
  • High pressure and temperature helps the hard surface look better
  • Removes sticky and dark spots
  • Inspect carpet prior to leaving to ensure it is dry enough to walk on
  • Complete Material Safety Data Sheets on each project

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Hardwood floors

Its important to clean and protect your beautiful hardwood floors. High heel shoes can ding and dent your
hardwood floor. Dirty and wet shoes can twist it out of shape. Pet accidents that are left untreated can leave stains.
Long nails can cause scratches and dent it. Some products, steam, or water can cause damage or warping.

Why it is important to clean hardwood floor professionally?

  • When you sweep or mop you aren’t removing all the dirt and bacteria that is on it.
  • Apply protective finish, helps eliminate dust, dirt, and oilThey will last longer
  • Never buff, buffing can damage the finishing
  • It is recommended to clean every 6-12 months

How we clean hardwood floors?

  • Hybrid floor professional scrubber drier
  • Scrubs and dries wall to wall
  • Convenient brush roller and squeegee
  • Exposed brush for edge cleaning
  • Not just for hard wood, for laminate, marble, vinyl, Linoleum, etc.

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